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07. Your Guide

My name is Arie-Jan van Hees. Born in 1960, I studied marketing and business and have been employed in several work environments: business, export-management, government, the Dutch Ministry of Defence and the Veterans’ Institute.
For more than 25 years I am involved in researching various aspects of World War II.
This resulted in several publications. 
I regularly give lectures on military subjects.
My military experience spreads over 18 years: 
compulsory national military service and serving as a non-commissioned officer in the Dutch Territorial Army (Infantry Branch) for 16 years.  
As a parachutist I did 53 staticline parajumps 'military style'.
At present I am active as a military history researcher.
I write articles for military and aviation magazines, co-operate with several military organisations and work as a battlefield guide.
        I am a member of the
       · Dutch Study Group Air War 1939 – 1945
privately published two books:
· 'Tugs and Gliders To Arnhem' (2000)
· 'Green On! The Story of Arnhem Re-supply' (2004).
In addition to this I am a moderator of the Market Garden Foundation's Digital Monument.

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